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Process Improvement

e2 Assure’s tools are used to provide quantitative as well as subjective assessments of all processes (from input to output) performed by an organization. The efficiencies and effectiveness realized provide both economic and time related improvements to the operation.Process Improvement Graphic

As can be seen, e2 Assure doesn’t purport to gain 100% efficiency, but the Return On Investment from an effort of this sort is quite significant.


Process Validation and Documentation

The understanding of current operations and how processes may be improved is crucial to remaining competitive and/or keeping costs low.

The maintenance and consistency of those operations once optimized and an adequate understanding of departmental environments is also critical to to the ability for upper management and the performance of internal audit reviews. Without documented and accurate Standard Operating Procedures, an internal audit is beholden to simple financial review or dependancy on word of mouth regarding correct procedures.

e2 Assure's Process Validation and Documentation services provide auditing authorities and upper management with assurance that the department's current operations match their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

In the event that the department has outdated or non-existent SOPs, e2 Assure can provides full SOP writing and rewriting services based upon our narrative and process flow tools that allow us to organize, describe, and graphically depict the results of:

  • Reviewing policy and procedure manuals;
  • Discussing the process with key employees through inquiry;
  • Performing a process walk through of sub-processes using samples, etc.
  • Considering key inputs and outputs to a process;
  • Lines of responsibility for individual employee and departmental roles


Process System Integration Evaluation (using our PSURE Methodology)

Many organizations suffer from departmental processes that do not optimize the efficiencies that can be realized through proper use of current operating systems.  This can be caused by systems that did not scale with the department, poor initial implementation, or lack of full use of the capabilities of the systems in place.

Using e2 Assure’s PSURE (Process+System Utilization Review and Evaluation) Methodology, e2 Assure evaluates the current level of integration of the processes of the organization with the operating systems available to the organization.  From this evaluation, simple changes in processes and/or system functionality can provide substantial Return On Investment with minimal effort or expense.

PSURE often eliminates the perceived need of NEW software systems and/or facilities as it improves staff utilization and optimizes existing assets of the organization.


Third Party Project Assurance

Historically, implementations of large IT projects, such as an ERP, have been a significant endeavor with cost overruns on ~50% of projects costing ~200% of original budget with 31% being cancelled prior to full implementation after significant spending has already occurred.  Overall only 16% of IT projects are completed On-time and On-budget… and on average, only 42% of the originally planned features are realized in their final implementation.

e2 Assure’s 3rd Party Project Oversight provides implementing organizations increased assurance that their large IT projects are implemented on time, on budget, while meeting the implementation technical requirements and organizational objectives through project risk identification, assessment, and management.

The cost of Project Oversight is typically recouped several times over when the project is brought in On Time and On Budget.


For more information or to discuss how e2 Assure can help your organization maximize its resources, manage that large IT System Implementation or increase your revenues, contact us at 678.520.0807 or email us at bj.vangundy@e2assure.com.

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